Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

Our goals

Brain Injury Matters has developed five goals with objectives for our work over the next two years, 2020 to 2022.

Goal 1: Empowerment
Empowering people living with an Acquired Brain Injury through facilitating self-advocacy and providing peer support

Goal 2: Awareness
Raising awareness about the effects of Acquired Brain Injury through community education

Goal 3: Address Isolation
Providing support to alleviate the isolation and marginalisation experienced by people living with an Acquired Brain Injury

Goal 4: Being a Voice
Being a voice of people with an Acquired Brain Injury to inform local, state, and national bodies around relevant issues

Goal 5: Sustainability
Being a sustainable, accountable, and transparent organisation

To read more about the organization's goal and strategic direction, please click on the PDF link here, "Strategic Direction from 2020/21 to 2021/22".


Our Mission

To support and empower people to advocate for themselves and enhance the lives of other people with an Acquired Brain Injury

Our Vision

People with an Acquired Brain Injury lead dignified and meaningful lives in an inclusive community

Our Values

Our values consist of Inclusion, Agency, Collaboration, Co-design, Equity, Transparency and Accountability, Respect and Diversity which remains constant

We are Guided By Our Values


All people with an ABI are recognised and respected as valued and contributing members of society


Supporting people with an ABI to make their own decisions and choices through access to information, self-advocacy training and connections with groups and the community


Fostering a spirit of collaboration within our organisation, the ABI community, mainstream organisations, and all people with a disability


People with a disability are meaningfully involved in all aspects of services, policies, and programs – defining, conceptualising, designing, developing, implementing, and reviewing


Pursue opportunities for people with a disability so they can access, participate fully and flourish in all areas including the law, employment, education, and housing

Transparency and Accountability

We will operate in an open and honest manner, be accountable to our members and meet all our legal and fiduciary requirements and those of our funders


All people are treated with dignity and courtesy including people with a disability, members of BIM, staff, and stakeholders


We strive to reflect, and accept without question, people from diverse backgrounds, including cultural, demographic and gender

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